How does it work?
(P2P for the masses)

WikipP2P changes the way Wikipedia's links behave,
but you just have to keep using wikipedia as usual.

This color means it's searching for that article.

This color means that it has been obtained from a peer.

If it can't be found from another peer, it will be opened from Wikipedia as usual.

In other words, after you have installed WikipP2P, just use Wikipedia as usual.

Sample image

Why should I use it?
What's it's purpose?

Using WikipP2P helps Wikipedia Foundation to save bandwidth and resources, and improves the experience in local networks (Universities, Schools or even complete countries).

This is an unofficial extension and not endorsed by Wikipedia in any way, it's just an implementation of latest web-technologies towards sharing of knowelege.

It's Open Source, Hopefully Wikipedia could see this project and consider implementing something like it.

Be part of WikipP2P

Install Chrome Extension

WikipP2P is based on CacheP2P.

WikipP2P uses WebRTC for all Peer to Peer communication.


Please write all questions publicly as a 'github issue', after many questions have been answered the FAQ will be added here.